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Host Families


Nationally there are only five shelters specifically for domestic minor victims of sex trafficking, none of which are in Maryland. In addition a program may not work best for all clients. Some clients need to belong to a family and to be loved sacrificially to be able to begin the healing process.

The average woman engaged in prostitution in Baltimore entered into the commercial sex industry at the age of 12, often as a runaway and a victim of abuse. They typically have depression, post traumatic stress, trauma bonding, brainwashing and many other special needs. They often have a history of abuse within the home and lack trust for adults. Our population requires special loving care to be able to

choose a healthy lifestyle and live a good life. This can be a long term commitment. A loving family can work miracles, but this calling is not for everybody. Go to our support page for other ways you can help.

What is required to be a host family?

Family Unity – Everyone in the home will need to buy-in to this calling. During the application process we will also advise and support you.

Time to be a parent – Our clients take time, a parent will need time to drive them to appointments, counseling, GED or school classes, lawyers, advocates, Celebrate Recovery, Drop-in and shopping. More than that, they need time to talk and be around. Only through large quantities of time will you get to quality time.

A room – Our client need their own room and at least 9-12 months in the home. The family is a new support system that will be a possible lifelong commitment to the overall health and welfare of our clients. This should be considered like an adoption.

A willingness to learn – even if you have been a parent for 50 years we will train you and support you throughout the stay of our client. New skills will be needed for the special challenges ahead, and support to work through them healthily.

What are the steps involved

  • Learn more about Human Trafficking
  • Talk with your family, spiritual advisers and friends
  • Arrange an appointment with one of our staff
  • Go to a training class
  • Arrange to visit our Drop-In Center

How do I learn more?

Call or email us for an application or meeting. We would love to arrange a meeting and answer all your questions.

Click here to download a Host Family brochure and feel free to reprint and distribute.