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Online Courses

  • Human Trafficking – free course in iTunes that provides a comprehensive discourse on domestic and global human trafficking by examining various forms of human trafficking from a social justice lens.




California’s Forgotten Children – feature documentary about child sex trafficking. The film recounts true stories of girls and boys who were commercially sexually exploited in California and are now survivors and courageous leaders fighting for the rights of victims worldwide. Learn how to view the film or host a screening from their website.

The Making of a Girl – journey of a hypothetical preteen girl as she faces a life of sexual exploitation. Narrated by Rachel Lloyd, founder of Girls Educational and Mentoring Services (GEMS).

Very Young Girls – documentary from the Girls Education and Mentoring Service (GEMS).

Girl Scouts Sex Trafficking PSA  – Public service announcement written and Directed by the Girl Scouts of Severna Park, MD.

What I’ve Been Through Is Not Who I Am – short documentary, featuring Katrina, whose childhood as a good student in a middle class home abruptly ends when she is manipulated and sold for sex by a trafficker.

Human Trafficking is All Around You, This is How it Works – TED Talk by journalist Noy Thrupkaew.

Tricked – collection of segments produced by Fairfax County Public Schools to educate students about the scouting and trapping techniques that traffickers use in order to help them protect themselves. With testimony from survivors and a former trafficker, combined with information from law enforcement and social workers, Tricked gives students and parents the tools they need to recognize and prevent potentially harmful situations.

Rachel Moran: My Journey Through Prostitution – author, activist and survivor Rachel Moran discusses her life as a prostituted person in her book “Paid for: My Journey Through Prostitution.”

PBS Frontline “Sex Slaves” – undercover journey deep into the world of sex trafficking, following one man determined to rescue his wife who was kidnapped and sold into the global sex trade.